Portable Pocket Baby Monitor Listening Device By NHNCIO

Every expecting mother knows the joy of listening to her baby’s heartbeats, kicking and movement. To tell you the truth, mothers look forward to that day ever since they conceive the baby. Now, that we have baby monitors to take care of things like these, new moms will be happy to know that they have a solution hand. They can listen to their baby whenever they want in between their ultrasound sessions. Mention has to be made about the Portable Pocket LCD Backlight Baby Monitor in this case – and it’s rating hasn’t changed from our fetal doppler roundup. It is a highly reliable product that has made a lot mothers happy. Let us have a look at it in details.

Some more on Portable Pocket LCD Backlight Baby Monitor

You can listen to your baby’s movements, heartbeats and kicking all of it with this Doppler. You will be delighted to listen to these intricacies because the Portable Pocket has a crystal clear audio that will melt your heart away. Here are a few specifics that make this baby monitor a sweet deal for you.


The design is simple and the large LCD backlit display makes sure that you get clear readings. In fact, Portable Pocket has made it a point that it can be easily read by anyone. Hence, the product has a few buttons that makes your life easy. This renders it an uncomplicated device that does not take brains to operate it.


As mentioned, it has the LCD display has large icons and the backlit facility adds to your feasibility. This display ensures that you get a fair reading that tells you your baby is fine.


This is the most important aspect of a baby monitor and the Portable Pocket LCD Backlight Baby Monitor lives up to it. It has a built in loudspeaker that is loud and clear. It helps you to check on your baby’s health with ease and you are in the peace of your mind to find that your baby is just doing fine.


It is a portable device that you can carry along with yourself anytime and anywhere. It is compact which means that it can be stored without much of a problem. It can shut off within 1 minute of no action and saves your battery for sure. This automatic shut off system comes in handy if you forget to switch it off by any means.


This baby monitor is good for moms that are at 15 weeks or more and is regarded as a safe device for them. It has lower ultrasound as it uses 3.0 frequencies; which is why you can use it at home also. It has interchangeable waterproof probe that makes it a unique product on its own.


This is an imperative that you need to keep in mind and we request all our readers to read the user manual first to learn how to operate it. It is no rocket science and you can make the most of it by reading it carefully. You need to know how to use it; otherwise it may not work properly as some users have complained. In order, to avoid this you must get hands on this device and learn how to operate it that will serve your purpose.

Best features

The Portable Pocket has some features that make it one of the most wanted products in its category. We have charted a few pointers that make it a great product to delve into:

  • Good looking device
  • Highly portable
  • Large and clear LCD backlit display
  • Auto shut off facility
  • Is safe to use at home
  • Has high sensibility and can detect heart rates of babies of 15 weeks onwards
  • There are 3 calculation modes
  • It has a very clear sound
  • Has a headphone socket with a built in loudspeaker
  • Has a good resolution
  • Consumes less power
  • Gets continuous wave while working
  • Comes with a waterproof probe
  • Expect real time FHD and FHR
  • You get a user manual to understand it better


We have to agree that it is a handy tool for any expecting mother. So, this makes for a good gift for them and rest assured you can put a smile on the face of a mother to be with this. That certainly is a priceless return! A few mothers have found this to be better than the ones at doctor’s chambers too. Now, that is a big compliment for a product like the Portable Pocket LCD Backlight Baby Monitor for sure.