Bumble Tumble BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier

Pregnancy has always been the greatest concern among the parents at every instance of time. This is, in fact, one of the riskiest phases in the life of a woman. At this time, she is always expected to take care of herself and should be very cautious all the time so that the growing baby in the womb stays safe and sound. The unsuccessful pregnancies that the expected mother sees around her or has suffered that herself makes her worried even more all the time. This worry becomes so exceptionally dangerous that the lady simply avoids the relaxation as she actually needs to enjoy at this time. The repeated mood swings combined with the worrisome attitude tightens her into a fix position.

Hence, considering the dilemma that has evolved around pregnancy since ages, the technologists had been working hard enough to invent the best gift that an expecting couple could ever expect. The gift that had been invented so lovingly is none other than the Bumble Tumble BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier. As mentioned in our fetal doppler buyers guide – this is a user-friendly device that can be used during pregnancy either to communicate or to ensure that the baby is growing safely inside the womb. Thus, this exceptional product does require a review.

  • Design: This amazing baby sound amplifier from the house of Bumble Tumble has been designed keeping in mind that it might fall many times accidentally out of sheer excitement of listening to the heartbeat and the hiccups of the fetus in the mother’s womb. Hence, this device has been constructed using the strongest and the most compatible materials.
  • Brand: Bumble Tumble is a brand that is recognized by all. This brand has always managed to maintain a high reputation in the field of the manufacturing of certain electronic devices at an affordable price. Moreover, their products are easy to handle because of which customers develop a liking for this brand after using any such equipment.
  • Functionality: This baby sound amplifier is equipped with two ports for plugging the earphones into the device. Thus, due to this advantageous arrangement, both the mother and the father can listen to the heartbeat of their little one together and feel closely bonded as a happy family.
  • Pre-Program: This Bumble Tumble baby sound amplifier is a pre-programmed device. This device is designed with an indicator light that glows when the device is switched on. Thus, the users can easily operate the device and understand whether or not the device is in the working condition.


  • Being a pre-programmed device, the Bumble Tumble Baby Blip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier can be used efficiently without any extra setup.
  • The presence of two audio ports in the device ensures that two earphones can be used simultaneously to detect and enjoy the gradual growth of the fetus in the mother’s womb.
  • The device has a built-in compatibility which enables that heartbeat of the fetus to be recorded. This recording can also be transferred to a PC or a laptop and kept stored as a joyful memory.
  • Usually, the sound that emanates from the mother’s womb is quite faint. Therefore, the device has preloaded amplifier circuitry. This helps amplify the sound so that even the slightest detection in the audio sensors becomes perceptible.
  • The expected presence of the growing baby can be felt efficiently starting from the 12thweek of pregnancy.
  • This is made portable keeping in mind that the mother might want to listen to her baby while taking a casual and safe walk too.
  • The quality of the materials with which this device is manufactured increases its longevity and makes it prominent for multiple usages.
  • The device is wrapped in a gift box with two Sound Sensor Units, two sets of Earphones, PC recording cable, 9V Battery, and the User Manual, making it look like a perfect gift for the expecting couple.
  • The device comes with a 5-year warranty usually but it varies from seller to seller.


  • In order to have the better results, the Bumble Tumble BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier should be utilized used just after the application of a gel-based or an oil-based lubricant.
  • The earphones and the PC recording cable which are supporting this device might not turn out to be durable.
  • Every seller might not provide a 5-year warranty with the purchase of this product.

Our Verdict:

Although this device comes with a few cons, we can’t ignore its pros.It can be seen that numerous clients are happy with the functionality, durability, and performance of the Bumble Tumble Baby Blip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier; they fully trust its efficiency and are using it happily and successfully. Thus, keeping in mind how successful this sound amplifier is, compared to the various other similar products in the market, this product definitely deserves a higher recommendation.