Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor: A Perfect Gift for the Would-be Moms

It’s a thrilling experience for any would-be mother listening to her baby’s heartbeat on a baby monitor at her prenatal visit. Modern technology has been developed a lot now that any expectant mom now can hear the relieving sound of her developing baby’s heartbeat anytime using this tiny device.

Pregnant ladies should be careful about using these Doppler monitors while using them at home as an alternative for their prenatal care.  These devices come really reasonable and completely safe to use if a woman knows how to use it. It’s a fun process to connect with her baby while it’s in her womb. The product gives an immense delight to the would-be mummas and a superb chance to experience the magical sounds of a growing baby’s heartbeat.

There are at present a lot of products available in the market, out of which we have considered the Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor the best one. In this article, we will give a complete understanding of this product based on its features and benefits. So, just read on.

Little about the Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor

This is an exclusive device that gives the parents-to-be an amazing feeling of her unborn baby’s closeness. She can listen to all the sounds made by her baby like kicks, hiccups, and any other movement. Not only the mother but also any one like the would-be father, siblings, or the relatives can also enjoy listening to these magical sounds. You can record your baby’s heartbeat on your PC and share your delight with your friends and family through social media. Let’s have a discussion on its features that really soothe the parents-to-be:

  • Handheld stylish design – This fetal monitor comes with an easy-to-hold design and can detect the high-frequency waves created by the heart of the baby through the ultrasound technology. In order to reduce the static caused by the monitor’s movement on the mom’s belly, it is recommended to use the lubricant gel which is not included with the device.
  • Complete safety assurance – Baby heart rate monitors use a low-emission ultrasound technology. This monitor is completely safe to be used at home although you must take the approval of your physician and then apply it with proper care and consultation. The package offers a 9 Volt Alkaline battery and the standard 3.5mm audio jacks. This amazing gadget enhances the feeling of closeness with your unborn baby because the package comes with 2 headphones that can be used by both the parents-to-be to enjoy this delightful experience and share it with their friends and family relatives.
  • The convenience of usage at home – This fetal heartbeat monitor is really convenient to be used at home like the physicians use at their clinics. Parents can detect the heart rates as soon as 8th weeks of gestation; however, it is best recommended to use after 16th weeks of pregnancy with almost 100% success rate in finding the unborn’s heartbeat. This device is easy to operate by placing the lubricant gel on the stomach of the pregnant woman right above the pelvic bone and the movement of the monitor will make sure to pick up the heartbeat of the unborn child by tilting the probe at various angles.
  • Easy heart rate calculation with the help of the Bjingles app – This stylish monitor makes the heartbeat calculation easier with the Bjingles app that consists of amazing features like Weeks Prego, Play Jingles, Record Messages and Lullabies like mom and dad’s voices to play for the baby, Tummy Pix to take fun pictures. These soothing features can be enjoyed and even the mom can measure and record her growing belly and also you can make a parent-to-be album and share it with your family and friends.

Best features

The beautiful and useful features that make the Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor a great product to buy are as follows:

  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Comes with a computer recording cable that helps record and shares your unborn child’s heart rate with friends and family.
  • Build an amazing bonding between both the parents offering 2 headphones to listen to their baby’s heart rate simultaneously.
  • Incorporates the access to the Bjingles app on your smartphone to play soothing music to your unborn one.
  • Portable and lightweight that not just amplifies baby’s heart rate but also movements.
  • Gives a delightful experience of sharing on social media.


If you are a parent-to-be and also want to indulge yourself in this delightful experience of listening to your baby’s movements at your home and by your own, then you can opt for the Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor. It’s really easy to use and comes extremely affordable as well. The Bjingles app makes this experience more enjoyable offering a collection of lullabies and jingles to play for the babies while they are in the belly.