Best Rugs For Baby Nursery 2019

Do you have a petite bundle of pure bliss that’s on the way? Is there anything more beautiful than a little baby – a gift of nature that will bring immeasurable joy and happiness to your life (and the lives of all around you). If that is true, or if you just want to get an expecting mother a nice gift, then outfitting the future baby’s nursery should be on top of your list and what better way to start with finding the best rugs for baby nursery?

Indeed, while it may sound like a simple and unimportant gift, buying the best rugs for baby nursery is anything but. The initial memories from a child’s first few months will influence its character and will shape how his or her life develops. This includes them forming memories about their environment and home. Because of this, a simple thing like the rug you get for their nursery may have a serious impact on how they develop. So for all you mommies to be out there, read on if you want to know what kind of rug to get for your babies nursery.

Allstar Kids / Baby Room Area Rug$$1st
Furnish my Place Kids ABC Area Rug$$2nd
Mybecca Kids Rug Kids ABC Little Artist area rug Educational Alphabet Letter & Numbers$$3rd
Rugs USA Contemporary Fairytale Town Kids Area Rug$$4th
Rugs USA Contemporary Rainbow Alphabet Wheel Kids Area Rug$$5th

How To Choose The Best Rugs For Baby Nursery

There are thousands of rugs that you can buy, all of them made from a multitude of different materials and fabrics. Choosing the wrong could be an issue, and so it’s best to play it safe and check. There are a couple of features and elements you need to keep in mind.

The Size and Placement

First, you need to know the size of the rug. While this may seem simple, many people simply forget about this step and then buy a rug that is just useless to them. So, above all have a thorough and precise measurement of the whole nursery. Also, keep in mind just how much work you will need to do (like moving the furniture around) and plan accordingly. Also, understand that you will need some way to transport the rug if the store in question doesn’t offer that kind of service.

The rug should be big enough so that it can be anchored and forced in place by all the furniture that can be found in your nursery. Not only that, but it’s also always a good idea to get a rug that can cover the whole nursery floor, not just the middle where the baby is. This is safer and more hygienic. You can, of course, use a smaller rug to emphasize one area, while still leaving room for the hardwood to “pop” out, but this, while aesthetically pleasing, is not that good of an idea. As we said, it’s more hygienic if you have a rug that covers the entirety of the nursery. Also, your child can slip on the hardwood floor and hurt itself.


This might be the area where people seem to have the most issues. There are so many materials, all different, with their strengths and weaknesses. This really depends on what you essentially need, and what you are worried about the most.

A wool rug could be a good option, especially for a nursery. This is because they are quite resistant to any and all kinds of stains, and they are also quite good at repelling water. They are also quite soft and feel great when you walk on them. Indeed, your little baby will surely appreciate just how soft it feels to crawl all over it. Not only that, but wool is actually naturally flame resistant and even has certain, because of its fibre composition, antimicrobial and antibacterial elements and features. This will keep your baby a lot safer and healthier than a regular rug. Another great plus in favour of a wool rug is that it’s hypoallergenic (i.e. – resistant to allergies). However, keep in mind that if you live in an area that has a lot of humidity, the wool can absorb some said humidity, and may break down much faster because of that.

Some people like rugs made from natural plant fibers. These are jute, sisal, and sea grass rugs. Besides being classy and vintage-looking, these rugs are environmentally friendly in both their manufacture and in their disposal. They are also very easy to clean and are quite pet-friendly. However, just like wool, these rugs will degrade rapidly in humid areas. Also, an important factor is that they are quite tough and rough. Your child will most probably not enjoy walking barefoot n these. Of course, if you put in the effort, you can get a plant fibre rug made specifically to be as soft as possible.

Next, you can get a sheep-skin rug. While it may sound a bit macabre, this is probably the safest and softest material for a rug. They are organic and non-toxic. Furthermore, they are quite easy to clean and don’t aggravate peoples allergies at all. This is because the fibres in this kind of rug builds up very little dust. However, they are hard to come by, since the market is flooded with fake sheepskin rugs.

Synthetic rugs vary based on the actual synthetic material used

Of course, there are many other types of rug materials, but almost all of these (if not all) would be useless for your nursery. For example, cotton is very tough and durable but builds up a lot of dust and dirt with great ease. Bamboo looks nice and is easy to clean, but is very uncomfortable on your babies bare feet. Silk is very expensive and is just not worth the money.


Colours can be very important. While this may sound simple and unimportant, it’s a proven scientific fact that the colors we are surrounded by having a very clear and direct influence on our health and on our emotions.

So, for example, red is the color of passion and excitement. It is quite bold, and while a great choice for one or two small pieces of furniture, it should at all costs be avoided for the walls and for the rug. Indeed, you child will spend most of its time in the crib or on the rug, and so seeing red all day will make it a bit too excited and agitated.

Orange is a solid choice since it gives off a welcoming, home-like vibe. It gives a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Yellow, on the other hand, is quite emotional. It’s very sunny and bright and will do the same for your baby. It will, however, cause it to have a bit too much energy, which isn’t always good – it can cause it to have trouble sleeping, for example.

Green is great for relaxation and calmness. It increases concentration and invokes serenity. Blue is also great at calming your baby down, but try to use bright and cheerful shades, not dark and dimmed. The latter can cause sadness. Pink is also a great choice because of its calming and soothing effects. White and gray should be avoided simply because they are so dull and uninspired.

Educational Rugs

This one may sound strange and even nonsensical, but it is backed up by science. Since, as we have already said, your child spends most of its time on the rug, it can subconsciously pick up info present on said rug. So, for example, a rug that has the ABCs or numbers on it can help familiarize the child with these concepts, giving it a simple and easy mental boost. Not only that, but intricate details, signs, and shapes have shown to improve the child’s cognitive functions. You can think of this as basically exercise for you baby’s brain.

Now, as we have said, these rugs can have the ABCs and numbers on it, but the ever popular roadway and city-streets rugs are also a great choice. This can present them with a different view on the world, and train and strengthen their brain.

Great rugs you can get online

Now that you have some basic info on how to choose, it’s time to actually get a rug. I have taken the liberty of presenting you with a couple of rugs that I’m certain will look amazing in the nursery you are preparing, and may even do your baby some good – I consider these to be the best rugs for baby nursery on the market.

Allstar Kids / Baby Room Area Rug. Learn ABC / Alphabet Letters with Animals Bright Colorful Vibrant Colors

This is a lovely and very educational rug. First of all, it has a lot of wonderful bright colors and lovely and cute illustrations. It shows the letters of the alphabet, and each letter has an animal who uses it as its initial. All the animals are cartoony and childlike, and this may serve as an excellent tool for your little one to familiarize itself with various animals. It can also serve as an excellent teaching tool, making it quite easy to teach it various words from a young age. While the rug is made from synthetic materials, it uses very high-quality soft nylon that is non-toxic and easy to clean. Indeed, driving the point home is just how resistant this one is to stains and soil.


  • Stain resistant
  • Wonderful illustrations


  • Synthetic material

Furnish my Place Kids ABC area rug Educational Alphabet Letter & Numbers Multicolor Actual size anti skid

A beautiful and intricate rug, your baby will simply adore this thing. It shows a lot of letters, number, and signs that will certainly keep your baby’s brain running. Not only that, but the surface is bacteria resistant, and the whole nylon rug is machine washable. Furthermore, it has a lovely anti-slip backing and a non-skid rubber bottom. This makes it very safe and quite trustworthy.


  • Non-skid rubber bottom
  • Anti-bacterial coating


  • A bit thin

Mybecca Kids Rug Kids ABC Little Artist area rug Educational Alphabet Letter & Numbers

This rectangular rug has a number of letters on it, as well as a palette in the center. The pallet has a couple of drawn paint “blotches” in different colors. All of these blotches have the name of their respective colors on top of them. Your baby will learn its colors quite easily with this rug. Not only that, but it’s quite resilient and durable, as it’s made from very high-quality soft nylon. Not only that, but it’s very easy to clean.


  • Great opportunity to learn some colors
  • Quite tough


  • A bit small

Rugs USA Contemporary Fairytale Town Kids Area Rug

This may be a popular choice. This rectangular rug shows a city area, with roads, trees, gas stations and a store. Your child will love tracing these lines and going wherever the road goes. Not only that but when it’s old enough to get a toy car, it will certainly enjoy driving it around, on the “rug road”. Furthermore, this is an original, Egyptian-made rug, so you know it’s a very high-quality build. The material used is one hundred percent nylon and has a wonderful and clean look to it.


  • Original, Egyptian made rug
  • Awesome images of a city and its roads


  • It’s one hundred percent nylon

Rugs USA Contemporary Rainbow Alphabet Wheel Kids Area Rug

This circular rug has all the letters of the alphabet (both small and capital letters) on it, all of them in a different color. This will make both learning the colors, and the letters, a lot of fun, and much easier. However, what really makes this thing stand out is the deep, deep blue of the rug. It’s gorgeous and has a wonderful, soothing look to it. Not only that, but it’s made in Egypt, and you can get it in two sizes: 5 foot and 8-foot circumference.


  • Beautiful blue colour
  • Made in Egypt


  • It’s a little thin

Final thoughts

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about getting the best rugs for a nursery. You should now be familiar with what kind of material you need for the rug in your baby’s nursery, as well as how to fit and size it correctly. Who would have guessed that choosing a rug could get so complicated? Not only that but the features that people rarely think of should make you better informed than the majority of others. Furthermore, I hope that my list of some excellent, good quality rugs will prove useful. I wish you, and your little one, all the best, and a happy and long future.