Angel Sounds Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Medi-K Review 2019

Every expecting couple is bound to feel nervous when they are expecting their little one. It does not matter whether it is their first child or whether they have been through this phase before. What matters the most to every couple is that whether their loved and unborn child is growing safely in the mother’s womb or not.

Even in the 20th Century, when technology was not so advanced, parents used to stay highly edgy during pregnancy as they had no idea as to how to communicate with their fetus. However, gradually, with the advancement of technology, some electronic devices were introduced in the market that could help the mother to listen to the heartbeat of her child or children. These types of devices were indeed quite expensive because of which they were considered as a luxury to most of the couples and, thus, found use mostly in the hands of the gynecologists.

Fortunately, technology has advanced now to a stage that the same devices used for listening to the heartbeat of the unborn child are available for the commoners as simple gadgets that can be used on a daily basis. One such gadget is the Angel Sounds Heartbeat Baby Monitor that is manufactured and sold by Medi-K – we have already briefly touched upon this doppler on our fetal doppler buyers guide. For those of you who will be hearing of this device for the first time, here is a detailed description of why and how you should be inclined towards the purchase and the usage of this device.

  • Design: The Angel Sounds Ultrasonic Device is of made of a fine quality durable material that has a compact design. The cute little device is portable and is designed in such a way that both parents can use it simultaneously.
  • Brand: Medi-K is a reputed brand that has maintained the standard of each and every product that it launches in the market. Its devices are always affordable, user-friendly and come with a valid warranty.
  • Functionality: The Angel Sounds Heartbeat Monitor comes with dual audio ports so that two earphones can be plugged into the device simultaneously. Thus, both the mother and the father can share a happy moment together letting the heartbeat of their little baby seep into their eager ears. Moreover, this device also has a programmed recorder that can directly transfer the recording of the baby’s heartbeat to a system (PC or laptop) and, thus, the device is all the more efficient.
  • Pre-Program: The Angel Sounds Heartbeat Monitor is pre-programmed. Thus, all you need to do is switch the device on, plug in the earphones and lose yourself happily in the heartbeat sound of your baby.

Good Points:

  • The Angel Sounds Heartbeat Monitor is a pre-programmed device and, thus, it can be used directly.
  • There are two audio ports in the device. Therefore, two earphones can be plugged in simultaneously.
  • The device is compatible with a PC and a laptop. Thus, the sound of the baby’s heartbeat can be recorded and directly transferred to the system under consideration.
  • It comes with a built-in amplifier that helps in catching even low-frequency waves emanating from the womb and then amplifies the signal so that even the faint sound of the heartbeat of the unborn baby becomes audible.
  • The device usually claims that the sound of the heartbeat of the unborn baby can be effectively heard starting from the 14th
  • The Angel Sounds Heartbeat Monitor is a portable device. Thus, you can use it anytime and anywhere.
  • The electronic components used to manufacture the device are indeed of a good quality. Therefore, this device can be used multiple times during a day.
  • The device comes in a gift box with two Sound Sensor Units, two sets of Earphones, PC recording cable, 9 V Battery and the User Manual.
  • The device comes with a 5 Year Warranty.

Bad Points:

  • The Angel Sounds Heartbeat Monitor has to be used only after the application of a gel-based or an oil-based lubricant especially in the initial stages of pregnancy.
  • The supporting products with the gadgets like the earphones and the PC recording cable may not be working properly and, thus, you might have to ask for a replacement of the same from the company.

Our Verdict:

Despite the minute cons that can never be completely neglected, the pros definitely overrule the cons. Considering the functionality, durability, and performance of the Angel Sounds Heart Beat Monitor by Medi-K, by comparing the efficiency and the affordable price of this product with the other similar products in the market, and, also, by taking into account the number of happy customers, this product is definitely recommended.