Best Humidifier for Nursery 2018

Every parent expecting a newborn will always take extreme care to pick out every part of the nursery. Parent often comb through the rigorous details to get everything right. The rocking chair has to be perfect, the bassinet must reach safety standards, the dresser must be durable to ensure it serves the child for a long time, and the list goes on like that. One other component is important, the humidifier. Getting the best humidifier for nursery is very critical, but sadly, also very overlooked.

Reidea Ultrasonic HumidifierReidea Ultrasonic Humidifier$$1st
Crane USA Humidifiers – White Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierCrane USA Humidifiers – White Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier$$2nd
Geniani Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierGeniani Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier$$3rd
Urpower 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist HumidifierUrpower 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier$$4th
Crane USA Humidifiers – Cow Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierCrane USA Humidifiers – Cow Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier$$5th

As a new mum or dad, you might be wondering why a humidifier will be helpful in your child’s room. It will keep clean, pure air in the nursery and keep the baby very healthy. Let’s look into the many benefits of getting the best humidifier for nursery.

Best Humidifier for Nursery

Benefits of using a baby humidifier

  1. A happy little nose: your baby’s little nose will be very uncomfortable when dry air dehydrates the sinuses and creates that stuffy feeling. Because their tiny noses are so small and still developing, babies will find it harder to breathe when their nasal passageways fill up so fast. Again, when the moisture in the air they breathe isn’t enough, their noses can become sore inside. The skin inside might crack up and even bleeding in severe cases. A good humidifier will add the most favorable amount of moisture in the air so that your baby’s nose is healthy and the child is also very comfortable.
  2. Reduced cold symptoms: it is frustrating to watch your child suffer from a cold. Every parent knows what it feels like to suffer from a cold, so they can imagine what their little one is going through. However, authorities advise against giving babies medication for cold. So unless your baby is over the age of 2, there is very little you can do to help. When you get the best humidifier for nursery, it can help lessen the child’s suffering. It will produce moist air that minimizes nasal secretions to keep the nose clear. Your pediatrician might even prescribe a relaxing inhalant to suppress a cough and open up nasal passageways.
  3. No dry skin: babies have sensitive skin that can easily get irritated or parched because of dry air. This can cause parched lips, sore and dry skin patches and itchy skin for your little one. Persistent skin conditions like eczema will only get worse with dry air. When the air is not dry, the skin will keep the natural moistness to keep babies sensitive skin soft and minimize flare-ups with eczema.
  4. Better nights sleep: when a baby is suffering from a stuffy nose and cough problems, sleeping is no longer comfortable. Whenever babies are not comfortable, their parents will also not be comfortable. Better breathing is possible with the best humidifier for nursery and this also means better sleep at night, for baby, mum and dad. Even if your baby is not sick, they can still enjoy better nights sleep with a good humidifier. The sound of a humidifier is comforting and can serve as white noise to aid sound sleep.
  5. Decline in heating costs: a humid climate is made of moist warm air that can make a room feel warmer even in cold weather. This is the effect a humidifier will have on your child’s nursery. A warm-mist humidifier can create the necessary warmth against cold without bringing the disadvantages an artificial heater would. Your utility bills will be seeing a decline when you have a good humidifier for nursery. Just turn the heater down and turn the humidifier up.

How to choose the best humidifier for nursery

Thankfully, there are different products on the market. You can choose the very best out of all the options available. There are fundamental considerations for manufacturing every humidifier and you should consider the differences before choosing the right fit for you. Here are some useful tips to consider before selecting the best humidifier for nursery.

Top tips for choosing best humidifier for nursery

  1. Cleaning and preservation

Cleaning humidifiers are essential to their effectiveness and maintenance is also key. This will ensure the machine is working very well and it also certifies that bacteria, mildew, parasites and mold will not grow inside. You want to avoid the introduction of these pathogens into your baby’s nursery because they are completely destructive to their health. The different options of humidifiers give you the chance to pick the low maintenance, easy to clean type. We know you have a lot of work as a new parent, so this will simplify your work and leave your baby breathing easier and feeling healthier.

  1. Noise

Babies need sleep to be healthy just like adults do. They tend to be more sensitive to noisy environments than adults are and so will not sleep comfortably if the humidifier in the nursery is too noisy. Avoid noisy products as they are not the best humidifier for nursery. There are different types with different noise levels but go for the stealthiest.

  1. Size

Humidifiers come in different shapes and sizes. You can get one that is portable and travel size. You can easily move this from one side of the house to another when needed. It should also have a small footprint that allows you to set in on a small surface like a bedside table. It should not be heavy so that moving it up and down for different purposes will not be such a huge chore. The size is also important when you are considering refilling. The best humidifier for nursery will fit under the faucet and also be easily stored for when you don’t need it.

  1. White Dust

Especially with ultrasonic humidifiers, white dust can prove to be a challenge. This white dust comes about as the final product of water particles. Mineral deposits naturally present in the water will be separated and dissected into tiny particles. When those particles are dispersed into the air, it can be problematic for your little one. Now a humidifier is supposed to be beneficial and not the opposite. Reviews like this one will provide the best humidifier for nursery, giving you options to select from that will be free from the problem of white dust.

  1. Antibacterial

You will find a lot of humidifiers with anti-pathogenic and antibacterial properties. You will want to go for one of these for some extra protection on your baby’s health. One brand is not the same as the other, so although they all offer the same advantage, it is not in the same degree. You should only go for the most effective kind. You do your research properly. You will come across the very best option for you. This guide is a good place to start since you can see different options for the best humidifier for nursery.

Top features to look out for

There are different designs and models of humidifiers. You can select one with some extra features to make sure it serves the very purpose you need it for.

  1. Warm Mist

Some humidifiers will heat water and turn into steam while others won’t. The warm mist kind can kill bacteria through the boiling and so more commendable. Even doctors recommend warm mist humidifiers over cool. If your baby has a reoccurring cold or other problems with breathing, the warm mist type is going to be the better option. Extra precaution has to be employed when using this type of humidifier so the baby is not hurt by hot water or scalded by the machine. They can also be the breeding ground for dangerous pathogens so make sure to maintain and clean them properly.

  1. Nightlight

You want to see exactly what is happening on the humidifier at night without switching on a light. Not every option comes with a night light while some have LED display. If you have to reset or refill the humidifier at night, it will pay to have a night light so that you can see what you’re doing without putting on the light that will disturb your baby’s sleep and maybe wake them up too. Consider this feature when selecting a humidifier for our baby’s nursery.

  1. Humidistat

There is an ideal humidity level for your baby’s room and you should consider getting a machine that will turn off automatically when it reaches that desired level. If the humidifier you choose does not have this feature, it can make the room too moist and even cause moisture to form on the windows. The best humidifier for nursery will have an auto shut off the timer or you can buy a hygrometer separately from the machine for monitoring humidity levels.

  1. Automatic shut-off

If your humidifier does not have a feature to turn on and off on its own, it will keep running even if the water in the machine runs out. This is a sure fast way to damage your humidifier early.

  1. Automatic Timer

Some humidifiers have the option to turn-on by a specific time. This means you don’t have to get home and turn it on before it starts preparing the room for the presence of your little one, it can kick-start by itself which makes things more convenient. If you are planning on getting this model, make sure you pay attention to changing out the water in the machine. If it becomes stagnant, it becomes a good breeding ground for pathogens.

  1. Easy to use design

If the humidifier you purchase is too complicated to operate, you might find using it becomes difficult. To make full and proper use of your machine, get one that has simple buttons and straightforward instructions. This way, you will not endanger your baby by using the humidifier wrongly or waste your money by not utilizing it enough.

Top 5 best humidifiers for nursery

When you are prepared to go shopping for the best humidifier for nursery, make sure to consider tips like noise and size while also considering features like a night light and automatic turn off.  You might just be swamped by the plethora of option available, so here a list to follow for the best.

  1. Reidea Ultrasonic Humidifier

REIDEA Ultrosonic HumidifierThis fantastic ultrasonic humidifier, provided by Cheerivo Inc., is the absolute best for your baby. It helps in reducing stress, purifying the air and cleansing for the bad smell, removal of bacteria and optimal humidity indoors. This fantastic machine comes with different mist settings so you can control if you want high or low mist in the nursery at any time. The ultrasonic humidifier is also very quite\ in operation, your baby’s sleep will not be disturbed by loud noises from this equipment. The big 3-liter capacity makes it one of the best humidifier for nursery because it can run for up to 24-hours uninterrupted. This machine has automatic shut off which will turn the system off when the water has finished. This is a great choice to help your little one with problems of nasal allergies, dry skin, poor sleep and dry eyes. The design is very beautiful and contemporary, so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb in your child’s room.

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  1. Crane USA Humidifiers – White Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane USA Humidifiers – White Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierThis humidifier has the perfect shape and size to fit right on top of a bedside table or dresser in the nursery. It is very stylish and effectively releases cool mist to humidify the air in your baby’s room. Dry hair and skin, sinus irritation, nasal congestion, dry cough, cough symptoms and nosebleeds can all be tackled with the help of this machine. This humidifier is good because it is as quite as a whisper and can even run for an entire day. Bacteria growth is combated with the clean control system and it can cover all of the 500-feet, dispersing humidity 360 degrees. To ensure safety, the tank will shut off when this machine has no more water. You are sure your newborn is safe from the cool mists system this machine operates. There will be no accidental hot water spills or scalding. No filter is needed for this humidifier too.

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  1. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

GENIANI Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierThis cool mist humidifier from Geniani will bring clean, pure, fresh air to your nursery. It encourages sound sleep through the night and clean air for fresh, healthy skin. This machine has a large 3-liter tank which means it does not need to be refilled several times in a single day but can work for a long time. The automatic shut down feature will put the system off when the water is finished in the tank. Your baby will not be disturbed by constant noise while enjoying fresh moist air because this machine is ultra silent. For maintenance, this humidifier requires daily filling. The machine is easy to understand and simple to use on a daily basis. The soft light on this machine is quite relaxing and aids better sleep. With the 360-degree nozzle, this machine can be directed at any area of the room or set to cover different angles at the same time. If you want a cool mist humidifier, this is one of the best humidifier for nursery.

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  1. Urpower 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier

Urpower 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser AromaThis is a portable cool mist humidifier good for your baby’s room. It is also the perfect tool for dispersing essential oils through the room. You can add a bit of prescribed inhalant to the water and allow the soothing scent to spread over the room and help your child breather better. This is especially helpful in case of recurrent nasal congestion and allergies. This humidifier is travel size, so its good for those sudden trips but its small size also means a small tank and repeated refilling during the day. It is made of BPA free plastic which does not disperse harmful materials in the air. You can be sure of safe and sound humid air. Now your baby’s body can be relaxed and you can build pleasant memories in the nursery.

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  1. Crane USA Humidifiers – Cow Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane USA Humidifiers – Cow Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierAre you going for a fun look to complement the jolly theme of your baby’s nursery? You can use this cheerful cool mist humidifier with a 1-gallon tank for that. It doesn’t only look great for decoration, it will provide fresh clean air to deal with breathing problems and dry skin. The automatic shut off system kicks in when the water is finished and this humidifier is very quiet to provide the best sleep possible. Bacterial growth is prevented by the clean control system and this is one of the best humidifiers for nursery out there.

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Every parent has a different need for their baby. You sure do for yours and you can make a good choice from this guide. After identifying the key tips, you should look out for and use the tips to decide on the type of humidifier you want, go through our top five list to select the best humidifier for nursery. The Reida Ultrasonic Humidifier is our top pick because of all the added features and advantages. Let us know what you think in the comments and ask questions for some more help.


Best Bassinet For Newborn 2018

Many mothers are tied to the regular crib for sleeping their babies as a starter in the early years of their lives. That is not unusual though, but the option of a bassinet should not be overlooked. For some mothers, using bassinets often come to mind as the best way to start off for their babies which is why I have taken this chance to look at the best bassinet for newborn.

They have their reasons and which are good ones too. Convenience, baby’s comfort and having proximity to their babies often top the list. For the best bassinet for newborn babies, you can describe these products as just made for babies in their early six months of life. These are most times small-sized designs and basket-like. A baby’s bassinet sleeper is made to fit a baby and a hood cover depending on the design. The base is often with casters or fixed legs.

As a woman, I know you are a caring mother who will go for the best for your newborn baby. Just like when you purchased your best fetal doppler, you should want to have a look at why a bassinet will be a good choice for your baby in his first few months after birth. You should be able to conclude whether a bassinet is your thing or not.

So let’s walk through this together by starting with the benefits that are seen with using bassinets for newborns if you are so eager to find out.

HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper – Premiere Series BassinetHALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper – Premiere Series Bassinet$$1st Lullago Travel Crib, Chestnut$$2nd
Green Frog Bassinet/Cradle Green Frog Bassinet/Cradle$$3rd
Big Oshi Newborn Dual Canopy Indoor & Outdoor Travel BassinetBig Oshi Newborn Dual Canopy Indoor & Outdoor Travel Bassinet$$4th
MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet One-second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn BabyMiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet One-second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn Baby$$5th

Best bassinet for newborn

Benefits of Using Bassinet for Newborn

  1. An ideal co-sleeper

Every mother will want to be close to her newborn baby as much as possible when it is deep in the night. Bassinets ensure this for you. It is worth stating that co-sleeping with your baby is a safety measure you should see as important. You should be around and respond promptly when your baby makes the call for it. She may not cry immediately, but she will make a move that only when you are around you’ll notice to render the necessary assistance promptly. This is recommended by “The Academy of Pediatrics” to curb the incessant “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)” that sometimes occur in babies of that age. For the portable design nature and tiny structure of bassinets, they are ideal for co-sleeping with a baby, and you should have this in mind to consider a choice for one.

  1. You are more at rest

I can’t imagine the feeling of having my baby elsewhere while I am in another room. Bassinets make it possible to have a peaceful sleep and rest of mind while very close to a baby. Though not undermining the usefulness of baby monitors here, having a newborn closer should be more seen as crucial for every woman to fully take care her baby.

  1. Portability factor

For sure, you’d want something portable like a bassinet. For the convenience of taking care of your baby adequately anytime and anywhere, having a bassinet does all that for you. Take, for instance, if you are to go to a friend or relatives place, a portable bassinet is convenient to move along with. That is hardly possible with a crib.

The important features of being lightweight, small and compact are all you’d need for this mobility if you have to go out with your baby. You’d find one that fits your needs in the various designs available in the market.

  1. Makes it Convenient for Changing Diapers and Feeding during Sleeping hours

Feeding your baby at night and changing diapers can’t be ruled in baby’s care. Using a bassinet for your baby enables you to do this conveniently without having to leave your room. You should look out for this when choosing the best bassinet for a newborn.

Another obvious reason to consider is design pattern of bassinets. They are low and closer to the ground unlike cribs and so will give you the ease to stretch and pick up your baby for any of these two demands of baby feeding and diaper changing.

How to Choose the Best Bassinet for Newborn

There are many products on the market which are good, but you can still get the very best for your newborn among them. Manufacturers are guided by some design requirements and making bassinets in various designs does not rule out basic standards. You should look out for standard consideration as highlighted on the tips.

When choosing the best bassinet for your baby, helpful tips and design features are always available to guide you in your decision-making. Here are some you’d find useful when setting for your purchase.

Tips To help you choose the best bassinet

Safety consideration

Checking up on the safety seal of “American Society for Testing and Materials” (ASTM) standard is a way you can have a quality check on the safety of the bassinet you intend buying. This standard is authenticated by the “Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association” (JPMA) seal. Have in mind that this may not mean you’ve got the best product though, but it surely gives the assurance you’ve bought a product that has passed through standardization. That should be safe enough measure to take when buying a bassinet.

Go for brand new products

Saving some money often comes to mind, and this can be especially if you have a used bassinet you’ve previous purchase or a relative’s used bassinet. This should not be the case for baby products like bassinets if you’re out for the best bassinet for newborn babies. The reason is just normal; baby products frequently go through safety checks and manufacturers might have made a recall of what has been used in the past. Aside from this, you will agree that safety standards are not static. A change might have been made on standards. You don’t want to risk anything for your baby’s sake.

Mesh walls

If you are looking for the best bassinet for newborn baby like yours, a mesh-walled bassinet should be your search priority, though you’ll find many bassinets coming with this feature already. Babies can turn side while sleeping. If they end up with the face on the side, a mesh wall bassinet helps them breathe properly in that position. It is also the ventilation channel to keep babies comfortable and void of much heat. Find out the mesh design structure when buying a bassinet. Normally, you’d find a side mesh. On some designs, it can be all around the side. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Only be sure of what you want, and that is good for your baby’s wellbeing.


Portability is always a consideration for the best bassinet. For whichever purpose you intend using the bassinet, weight and size issues are guiding parameters to help you choose the best for your needs.

If probably you want the bassinet for use in the room and also able to take it along on outings if one comes up, small size, lightweight, and a portable design should appeal to you the more. Even if you want it by your bedside, many good bassinets are of these make.

Mattress type

Never think that a mattress that is stiff and hard should not be the one to go for. This is how they are meant to be. It is not safe with a mattress that dips-in while a baby is on it. This can cause a blockage to a baby’s airways which is a common cause of SIDS. You don’t want that.

Features to look out for

When buying the best bassinet for newborn, you will come across the basic designs and some that are more advanced models. For these fully-featured models, they may be expensive but come with features that can make the difference in your purchase or search for the very best if cost is not your top consideration.

When set to go for a bassinet fit for your baby, here are features to take along as a guide.

Rocking movement

Babies get a comforting feeling when in a rocking movement. This can help a baby go to sleep quite easily too. Like a pendulum movement, rocking motion is good for a baby while awake.

If you opt for this model of the bassinet, ensure to always be around the baby to attend to her needs. This is one feature you’d want in a bassinet to have an active, happy and playing baby.

Lights and sound

Some bassinets are built with functionalities that enable playing music, vibration, and give out lights and sounds. These features can keep a baby active which is good for a child’s development.

When buying any of these designs, keep in mind that you have to replace their batteries because they run on batteries which have a lifespan.

Inbuilt toys

Babies are thrilled by toys especially when attractive and made with some peculiarities. Babies get entertained with these materials. They like to hold on to something and squeeze. Inbuilt toys hence serve a good purpose in a child’s activity.

If you’ve decided for this, ensure to go for one that comes with these toys rather than one which requires a later addition. It is much safer that way for kids.


Many bassinets have hood covers and canopy for babies. Inbuilt canopies are additions you’d find with the best bassinet for newborn babies. This help gives shade to light rays and hence protecting their eyes from excessive light rays. While putting on lights may be inevitable for mothers in the bedroom, bassinets with canopies are just great for your babies not to be disturbed while on sleep.


You may have other places to store your baby’s diapers, toys, and other items but some bassinets make things easier with storage compartments. These bassinets come with the built-in storage location to make storing item much closer to you and hence much easier to make a pick to use. All depends on the manufacturer’s design style for this aspect of bassinets manufacture. You can browse through the various designs online to make the right pick.

Now, you know what it takes and how to buy the best bassinet for babies. With the options available, if you find yourself still overwhelmed, you need not worry because I have everything covered here for you.

I know every woman like myself, want the best.

“Whenever I’m prepared to buy the best bassinet for newborn, I often put into consideration factors such as portability, functionality, size, and features like rock motion, canopy for cover and mesh design among others in my decision-making process.”

Top 5 best bassinet for newborn

Here are 5 top bassinets for newborn to make a pick from if overwhelmed by the many available.

  1. HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper – Premiere Series Bassinet

Making your baby sleep close to you can’t be much easier and safer with Halo bassinet swivel sleeper. It is known to be the first of its kind in bassinet design. Halo bassinet sleeper gives you convenience in baby care as a mother.

If tending your baby has been a task, this is the best bassinet for a newborn you can ever have because the side wall can be lowered to give you that freedom to be much closer. For its 360-degree rotation capability, it beats others to it here with the ease of getting out-and-in from the bed with many conveniences for your baby. If you are a nursing mother or perhaps have undergone C-sections during birth, this is the right recommendation to make you have less stress tending your baby.

There is much to take away from Halo bassinet swivel sleeper. Its design is solidly built and sturdy. Coming with a star-like base on 4-points, you can conveniently adjust it to fit beds as high as 34 inches. When space is scarce in your room or even have enough of it, Halo bassinet swivel sleeper makes closer position with your baby hassle-free by just tucking the base under the bed and requiring only 32 inches of your wall space for clearance.

What else is there more to ask for in a bassinet other than what is provided by Halo bassinet swivel sleeper? It is recommended for every mother to make caring for her baby a delight.

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  1. Chicco Lullago Travel Crib, Chestnut

Chicco Lullago Travel CribWhen traveling is common, an appropriate bassinet will be a helpful item to have around. Chicco Lullago bassinet is one item to take around with you for its portability and easy setup. Just within seconds, setting up this bassinet for sleep anywhere for your baby is nothing of a burden.

You have no trouble assembling it either when required or if you have to disassemble this bassinet and also pack in the bag made for it, it all comes with just a few steps. Take a look at the Snap-On design for the legs and the 1-piece structure top to see how easy it can be to set up in seconds.

You don’t have cleaning troubles with Chicco Lullago basinet because by taking off the fabric, you can conveniently give a wash and reinstall when needed.

Other design components that make Chicco Lullago tick are the mesh windows for breathing enhancement, a brushed mattress cushion also for comfort and an anti-slip stand to stabilize the bassinet and consequently prevent sliding. It is all packed product with great features for a nursing mother’s convenience.

Travelling mothers will find this portability useful for their baby’s care. The chestnut Chicco Lullago basinet design is highly recommended if you are thinking of buying one soon.

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  1. Green Frog Bassinet/Cradle 

Green Frog Bassinet CradlePacked with core features and functionalities, Green frog bassinet has it all for your baby’s comfortable sleep and as such, fewer worries for mothers.

This comfy bassinet is designed low and comes with a see-through mesh window for easy access and proper view of your baby. Your baby’s ventilation and comfort are guaranteed with the neatly and beautiful round windows.

Portability is no question with Green Frog bassinet. For its lightweight, moving it around the home is just with a slide after lifting.

What are features you still out for if you think Green frog bassinet? It is a rocker design, wheel-able, meshed, and lightweight and so much in stock to offer nursing mothers who care for their babies.

For a comfortable sleep, your baby is given the desired comfort in the premium mattress that is just the required firmness that your baby needs. One more addition is the slipcover for your baby’s utmost comfort on the mattress.

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  1. Big Oshi Newborn Dual Canopy Indoor & Outdoor Travel Bassinet (Emma), Navy

Big Oshi Newborn Dual Canopy Indoor & Outdoor Travel BassinetWhether indoor or outdoor, Big Oshi Newborn bassinet has got you covered. This simple bassinet is all you’d need for your picnics, when with a friend in a coffee shop and just anywhere you go. It is just the suitable design that goes with all locations.

Whether you want to call it Emma Outdoor and Indoor bassinet or just Big Oshi Newborn bassinet, it is all in the choice of name as both are the same product. Your baby won’t miss the shade that the dual canopy of this bassinet provides. You have the sides well designed with this canopy that can easily be adjusted to meet the covering need when in a lighted environment.

As one of the best bassinet for a newborn, it is a design that is anti-mosquito and bug-free. Big Oshi is ventilation enhanced design with elastic mesh net for regular fresh airflow to the newborn.

Among the features and the strength of this bassinet are the convenient outdoor and indoor use with lightweight features and stress-free storage make.

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  1. MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet One-second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn Baby, Beige

MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet One-second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn BabyThe world is dynamic, and so is the production of bassinet by manufacturers. Meeting customers’ demands is the result of MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet. It is one that has in it the innovation of a two-in-one design and manufacturers tested standard of a one second open & fold system. Convenience, comfort, and functionality are the answers provided by this innovation in bassinet design. If you call this the best bassinet for newborn, you should just be right to say so for MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet.

A two-mode bassinet design for which MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet is, you can choose between a rock and stationary mode for your baby when using the bassinet. It is always the case to go for a stationary mode when your baby is asleep and rock mode when awake for some soothing feel. Likewise switching between the two modes is easily done with few steps to take for your baby’s comfort.

You won’t have anything of communication issues or ventilation insufficiency in this cute bassinet innovation because it is all surrounded by a breathable mesh to provide these functionalities. You can regularly make that vital eye contact through the mesh.

If you are a space-loving person like me, MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet is your choice of bassinet because it comes with enough of the inner space for your baby to explore. If you need to make changes to diaper, there is room enough to engage with your baby on this.

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Features and benefits are core issues you shouldn’t joke with when buying a bassinet for your baby. Your baby’s comfort and your convenience are at stake here and should not be toyed with.

The best bassinet for a newborn is probably what you are on the look-out for your baby. I am as concerned as you are and this gives the reason for doing this search for the very best for you. It is hoped the top list above will be of help in your decision making and if you are thinking there is one out there that should be in the top list, you are most welcomed. Please, drop a line or contact us and we’ll be happy to share your experience and findings.

Best Rugs For Baby Nursery 2018

Do you have a petite bundle of pure bliss that’s on the way? Is there anything more beautiful than a little baby – a gift of nature that will bring immeasurable joy and happiness to your life (and the lives of all around you). If that is true, or if you just want to get an expecting mother a nice gift, then outfitting the future baby’s nursery should be on top of your list and what better way to start with finding the best rugs for baby nursery?

Indeed, while it may sound like a simple and unimportant gift, buying the best rugs for baby nursery is anything but. The initial memories from a child’s first few months will influence its character and will shape how his or her life develops. This includes them forming memories about their environment and home. Because of this, a simple thing like the rug you get for their nursery may have a serious impact on how they develop. So for all you mommies to be out there, read on if you want to know what kind of rug to get for your babies nursery.

Allstar Kids / Baby Room Area RugAllstar Kids / Baby Room Area Rug$$1st
Furnish my Place Kids ABC area rugFurnish my Place Kids ABC Area Rug$$2nd
Mybecca Kids Rug Kids ABC Little Artist area rugMybecca Kids Rug Kids ABC Little Artist area rug Educational Alphabet Letter & Numbers$$3rd
Rugs USA Contemporary Fairytale Town Kids Area RugRugs USA Contemporary Fairytale Town Kids Area Rug$$4th
Rugs USA Contemporary Rainbow Alphabet Wheel Kids Area RugRugs USA Contemporary Rainbow Alphabet Wheel Kids Area Rug$$5th

How To Choose The Best Rugs For Baby Nursery

There are thousands of rugs that you can buy, all of them made from a multitude of different materials and fabrics. Choosing the wrong could be an issue, and so it’s best to play it safe and check. There are a couple of features and elements you need to keep in mind.

The Size and Placement

First, you need to know the size of the rug. While this may seem simple, many people simply forget about this step and then buy a rug that is just useless to them. So, above all have a thorough and precise measurement of the whole nursery. Also, keep in mind just how much work you will need to do (like moving the furniture around) and plan accordingly. Also, understand that you will need some way to transport the rug if the store in question doesn’t offer that kind of service.

The rug should be big enough so that it can be anchored and forced in place by all the furniture that can be found in your nursery. Not only that, but it’s also always a good idea to get a rug that can cover the whole nursery floor, not just the middle where the baby is. This is safer and more hygienic. You can, of course, use a smaller rug to emphasize one area, while still leaving room for the hardwood to “pop” out, but this, while aesthetically pleasing, is not that good of an idea. As we said, it’s more hygienic if you have a rug that covers the entirety of the nursery. Also, your child can slip on the hardwood floor and hurt itself.


This might be the area where people seem to have the most issues. There are so many materials, all different, with their strengths and weaknesses. This really depends on what you essentially need, and what you are worried about the most.

A wool rug could be a good option, especially for a nursery. This is because they are quite resistant to any and all kinds of stains, and they are also quite good at repelling water. They are also quite soft and feel great when you walk on them. Indeed, your little baby will surely appreciate just how soft it feels to crawl all over it. Not only that, but wool is actually naturally flame resistant and even has certain, because of its fibre composition, antimicrobial and antibacterial elements and features. This will keep your baby a lot safer and healthier than a regular rug. Another great plus in favour of a wool rug is that it’s hypoallergenic (i.e. – resistant to allergies). However, keep in mind that if you live in an area that has a lot of humidity, the wool can absorb some said humidity, and may break down much faster because of that.

Some people like rugs made from natural plant fibers. These are jute, sisal, and sea grass rugs. Besides being classy and vintage-looking, these rugs are environmentally friendly in both their manufacture and in their disposal. They are also very easy to clean and are quite pet-friendly. However, just like wool, these rugs will degrade rapidly in humid areas. Also, an important factor is that they are quite tough and rough. Your child will most probably not enjoy walking barefoot n these. Of course, if you put in the effort, you can get a plant fibre rug made specifically to be as soft as possible.

Next, you can get a sheep-skin rug. While it may sound a bit macabre, this is probably the safest and softest material for a rug. They are organic and non-toxic. Furthermore, they are quite easy to clean and don’t aggravate peoples allergies at all. This is because the fibres in this kind of rug builds up very little dust. However, they are hard to come by, since the market is flooded with fake sheepskin rugs.

Synthetic rugs vary based on the actual synthetic material used

Of course, there are many other types of rug materials, but almost all of these (if not all) would be useless for your nursery. For example, cotton is very tough and durable but builds up a lot of dust and dirt with great ease. Bamboo looks nice and is easy to clean, but is very uncomfortable on your babies bare feet. Silk is very expensive and is just not worth the money. 


Colours can be very important. While this may sound simple and unimportant, it’s a proven scientific fact that the colors we are surrounded by having a very clear and direct influence on our health and on our emotions.

So, for example, red is the color of passion and excitement. It is quite bold, and while a great choice for one or two small pieces of furniture, it should at all costs be avoided for the walls and for the rug. Indeed, you child will spend most of its time in the crib or on the rug, and so seeing red all day will make it a bit too excited and agitated.

Orange is a solid choice since it gives off a welcoming, home-like vibe. It gives a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Yellow, on the other hand, is quite emotional. It’s very sunny and bright and will do the same for your baby. It will, however, cause it to have a bit too much energy, which isn’t always good – it can cause it to have trouble sleeping, for example.

Green is great for relaxation and calmness. It increases concentration and invokes serenity. Blue is also great at calming your baby down, but try to use bright and cheerful shades, not dark and dimmed. The latter can cause sadness. Pink is also a great choice because of its calming and soothing effects. White and gray should be avoided simply because they are so dull and uninspired.

Educational Rugs

This one may sound strange and even nonsensical, but it is backed up by science. Since, as we have already said, your child spends most of its time on the rug, it can subconsciously pick up info present on said rug. So, for example, a rug that has the ABCs or numbers on it can help familiarize the child with these concepts, giving it a simple and easy mental boost. Not only that, but intricate details, signs, and shapes have shown to improve the child’s cognitive functions. You can think of this as basically exercise for you baby’s brain.

Now, as we have said, these rugs can have the ABCs and numbers on it, but the ever popular roadway and city-streets rugs are also a great choice. This can present them with a different view on the world, and train and strengthen their brain.

Great rugs you can get online

Now that you have some basic info on how to choose, it’s time to actually get a rug. I have taken the liberty of presenting you with a couple of rugs that I’m certain will look amazing in the nursery you are preparing, and may even do your baby some good – I consider these to be the best rugs for baby nursery on the market.

Allstar Kids / Baby Room Area Rug. Learn ABC / Alphabet Letters with Animals Bright Colorful Vibrant Colors

Best rugs for baby nurseryThis is a lovely and very educational rug. First of all, it has a lot of wonderful bright colors and lovely and cute illustrations. It shows the letters of the alphabet, and each letter has an animal who uses it as its initial. All the animals are cartoony and childlike, and this may serve as an excellent tool for your little one to familiarize itself with various animals. It can also serve as an excellent teaching tool, making it quite easy to teach it various words from a young age. While the rug is made from synthetic materials, it uses very high-quality soft nylon that is non-toxic and easy to clean. Indeed, driving the point home is just how resistant this one is to stains and soil.


  • Stain resistant
  • Wonderful illustrations


  • Synthetic material

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Furnish my Place Kids ABC area rug Educational Alphabet Letter & Numbers Multicolor Actual size anti skid

Furnish my Place Kids ABC area rug Educational Alphabet Letter & Numbers Multicolor Actual size anti skidA beautiful and intricate rug, your baby will simply adore this thing. It shows a lot of letters, number, and signs that will certainly keep your baby’s brain running. Not only that, but the surface is bacteria resistant, and the whole nylon rug is machine washable. Furthermore, it has a lovely anti-slip backing and a non-skid rubber bottom. This makes it very safe and quite trustworthy.


  • Non-skid rubber bottom
  • Anti-bacterial coating


  • A bit thin

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Mybecca Kids Rug Kids ABC Little Artist area rug Educational Alphabet Letter & Numbers

Mybecca Kids Rug Kids ABC Little Artist area rug Educational Alphabet Letter & Numbers
This rectangular rug has a number of letters on it, as well as a palette in the center. The pallet has a couple of drawn paint “blotches” in different colors. All of these blotches have the name of their respective colors on top of them. Your baby will learn its colors quite easily with this rug. Not only that, but it’s quite resilient and durable, as it’s made from very high-quality soft nylon. Not only that, but it’s very easy to clean.


  • Great opportunity to learn some colors
  • Quite tough


  • A bit small

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Rugs USA Contemporary Fairytale Town Kids Area Rug
Rugs USA Contemporary Fairytale Town Kids Area Rug
This may be a popular choice. This rectangular rug shows a city area, with roads, trees, gas stations and a store. Your child will love tracing these lines and going wherever the road goes. Not only that but when it’s old enough to get a toy car, it will certainly enjoy driving it around, on the “rug road”. Furthermore, this is an original, Egyptian-made rug, so you know it’s a very high-quality build. The material used is one hundred percent nylon and has a wonderful and clean look to it.


  • Original, Egyptian made rug
  • Awesome images of a city and its roads


  • It’s one hundred percent nylon

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Rugs USA Contemporary Rainbow Alphabet Wheel Kids Area Rug

Rugs USA Contemporary Rainbow Alphabet Wheel Kids Area Rug

This circular rug has all the letters of the alphabet (both small and capital letters) on it, all of them in a different color. This will make both learning the colors, and the letters, a lot of fun, and much easier. However, what really makes this thing stand out is the deep, deep blue of the rug. It’s gorgeous and has a wonderful, soothing look to it. Not only that, but it’s made in Egypt, and you can get it in two sizes: 5 foot and 8-foot circumference.


  • Beautiful blue colour
  • Made in Egypt


  • It’s a little thin

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Final thoughts

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about getting the best rugs for a nursery. You should now be familiar with what kind of material you need for the rug in your baby’s nursery, as well as how to fit and size it correctly. Who would have guessed that choosing a rug could get so complicated? Not only that but the features that people rarely think of should make you better informed than the majority of others. Furthermore, I hope that my list of some excellent, good quality rugs will prove useful. I wish you, and your little one, all the best, and a happy and long future.